You'll need some cotton balls, preferably organic, and some Black Sheep Organics Ear Wash. You may want to have some gauze and tissues handy as well.

For big dogs use an entire cotton ball, for small dogs, tear it in half. Saturate it with ear wash, and gently wipe the inside of your dogs ears. Repeat this until his ears are clean. Be careful not to overdo cleaning, as you can easily irritate the tissues of the ear.

You can saturate a thin gauze to clean all the little nooks and crannies in your dogs ears, but it's important to only use it on the parts of the ear that you can see. Try avoid using cotton swab. You could injure your dog if you push the cotton swab into the ear canal.

It's okay to let a few drops of the ear wash drip down into the ear canal, and in fact can help kill bacteria that leads to ear infections.

If you dog has wax buildup deep inside the ear canal, you can squeeze a few drops into your dogs ear, gently move the ear around and wait a few minutes for the wax to become loose, before you remove it with a cotton ball. Your dog may shake his head, which is helpful to get the wax to come out, but could be messy!

And that's it! Now your dog has lovely clean ears.