What people are saying about us

Just a note to let you know, a week after grooming, no itchies or chewies from Falcon and Holly.  So I am really thrilled with your shampoo and will certainly continue to use it now.  Our groomer Leanne of Dodge City Grooming  said the product lathered nicely (we went about 50:50 dilution this time) and rinsed out easily.  So all round, everyone is happy.

Thanking you again for your helpful information, and wishing you the best for Christmas and 2017!

Liz, Cumberland BC

We are clean and fluffy and snowy (and out of focus!)


I have had the most amazing experience with a new Black Sheep Organics shampoo I tried last week. After our ritual weekend beach walk I put my pooch into the doggy bath and pulled out the new shampoo. I couldn’t believe how awesome it was. I have had dogs for 20 something years and have used many shampoos, but this one made me actually take notice. It lathered up well, cleaned well and rinsed away like it was never in the fur, and that last part was so lovely.  It was incredible. And it smelled fabulous (I tried the Pine & Fir fragrance). On Monday at the office, two people said to me how shiny Big was and how soft his fur was.  Mr. Big - that’s my dog - was pretty pleased with himself about that.

I would actually go out of my way to buy this one, it is the best I have ever used.

Ms. Wilson, Vancouver BC


BTW, my sister used your shampoo (I bought a couple bottles for her when I was at your shop with my dog Penny) and she said that in all the years of bathing her dogs she has never used a shampoo as good as yours! She loved the way it rinsed out so easily and the scent of the shampoo... she went on and on about it. My sister has a bathing station specially built for her dogs at her beautiful home and believe me, it was no idle compliment, she was truly thrilled with it.

Connie, Vancouver BC


I love the scent of the toothpaste we bought from you! I put it in the fridge and I love it's consistency. Way nicer than anything else i've used and way better ingredients. Great job!!

Aisha and Max, Vancouver BC


I’m vegan and we only use cruelty-free, eco-friendly products in our home. So I’m always searching for high-quality, organic if possible, companies that have like-minded values. I was thrilled to find Black Sheep Organics and, as mentioned, initially purchased the products when visiting Canada. Since then I have restocked online and gifted your products to other canine baby families in the neighborhood.

In addition to the Allergy-Free Shampoo, our most recent order included the Peppermint Toothpaste for our nightly brushing ritual and the Lemongrass and Mint Off-Leash Spray. Staying mosquito-free while traveling to Zika virus areas (Florida, USVI, & Puerto Rico) was critical. I showed the products to my canine baby’s doctor, dentist, and cardiologist before using them. In fact, I brought five different mosquito sprays to the doctor and the cardiologist and both of them suggested I use your product before the others.

Looking forward to seeing your products in Los Angeles!

Angel’s Mommy

Jill, Los Angeles CA


I am the manager of Big Dog Little Dog Bakery in Vancouver and I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that we love your product.

I am a huge supporter of locally made products, especially organic, limited ingredient ones!

I also wanted to let you know, we sell your Shampoo (all kinds), toothpaste and Ear Wash, we are selling the shampoo very well.

Thank you so much

Dani, Vancouver BC


We’ve used Black Sheep Organics for about 5 years now, and counting. It simply works wonders for both of our dogs! It cleans like no other, and once we switched, we had a hard time going back to other dog friendly shampoos. BSO has the mildest and most pleasant natural scents, and the clean really stays. Unlike other shampoos, I’ve found this line tends to sustain the clean better, actually making their baths last a little longer. We’ve tried every scent (which all smell lovely) and usually rotate them around so it never gets too boring. Ultimately, the lavender and geranium is our fave. Thanks Black Sheep for creating such a wonderful organic line!

Maggie & Chris, Vancouver BC