our roots

where we come from...

We're tree huggers at the root of things.

A deep connection to nature and a passion for animals is where it all started. So when Adam and I found ourselves drawn to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005, we were thrilled to find like-minded folks who love their environment, and love their dogs! Out of this was born Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa, an eco-friendly, organic dog grooming studio in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver.

We wanted a complete line of cruelty free, truly organic products with trusted, locally sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. We wanted the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, all natural products possible, and because we wanted to know exactly what was going into the products we would be using, we set out to create our own. Then we discovered we really love making them!

The Black Sheep Organics line of organic grooming products is now sold in our little dog grooming studio. Word spread around town, and now other local shops in Vancouver use and sell Black Sheep too. But we didn't stop there, now Black Sheep Organics products are sold around Canada, the United States and online to folks just like you!

the folks who want to save the world...

Hilary Barchash lives in Vancouver, British Columbia where she scales mountains year round and frolics by the sea. A connection to nature is the driving idea behind everything she does, from organic gardening to grooming dogs in the organic, eco-friendly dog grooming studio she owns along with her partner Adam Coladipietro in Vancouver. A lifetime spent working with domestic animals both great and small has shown her their dependence upon us, thus instilling in her a responsibility to provide them with a lifetime of good health, naturally.


Adam Coladipietro lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and cycles to work every single day - in the rain mostly, as it is the Wet Coast. A healthy, organic diet and loads of exercise keep him fit as a fiddle. A past Boy Scout Leader, he's as comfortable roughing it in the woods and atop mountains, as he is grooming dogs in the organic, eco-friendly dog grooming studio he owns along with his partner Hilary Barchash in Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up on a farm in Ontario taught him the connection we share with Mother Nature, which is reflected in the products Black Sheep Organics produces.