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Free Shipping On Your First Order Over $100 

Free Shipping On Your First Order Over $100




Customers are demanding organic pet products now more than ever, and this sector is constantly growing.



Made in Canada with high quality ingredients and high safety standards to keep pets safe.

Earth Friendly

More and more consumers want to make eco-friendly decisions and feel good about their purchases.




Gently Soothing

With skin issues on the rise, pet parents want products that alleviate allergies and won't irritate sensitive skin.

 Smells Delicious

People naturally love the plant based aromas of essential oils, rather than synthetic chemical fragrances.


Clean and Soft

People love how well our shampoo cleans and leaves the coat soft to the touch.

Cruelty Free

People love animals and prefer to buy products which have not been tested on animals.



The Vegan movement is more popular now than ever, creating a larger demand for Vegan products.



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